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Welcome to the Center Boulevard N° 13 dental website.

Our mission is to help you overcoming dental fear and make your experience as comfortable as possible. Therefore, we use the best dental services in modern and friendly environment as well as the latest dental trends and most advanced, state of the art technology. Our highly skilled and experienced dentists, using the latest technology and most modern equipment are able to provide highest quality service in esthetic dentistry and dental treatment, easily mastering the most demanding aesthetic problems.

In our clinic great attention is paid to the latest sterilization procedures to insure maximum safety of our patients. (more on sterilization >>>).

Please feel free to contact us for more info on how we can provide you and your family with everlasting beautiful and healthy smile.

“I’ve changed my attitude towards dentists since last year. Until the moment I step into your office, I think of them as of necessary evil. Thanks to you, I am no longer anxious about seeing the dentist- just like when I was a child with beautiful and healthy teeth. MS, DMD, Specialist in orthodontics, Tatjana has also put me fixed braces and since then I consider her my one and only doctor. However, she is always keeping an eye on my situation and thoroughly explain all treatment options. She is always there to listen to me, give me advice and thorough explanation as to how will my teeth react during the treatment and follow up. “
Duška Medić, Belgrade
“Given the complexity of the problem experienced by our child, which wasn’t related only to the teeth but also to the jaw position, the end of the orthodontic treatment gave us an insight in all its benefits. The best word to describe the results is –outstanding. From the very beginning, we have every confidence in professional team decisions, concerning the treatment route.When we look at our child today, it is really scary to think about what would happen if we didn’t start with the treatment on time, since the only option left would be jaw surgery. So, we are more than satisfied!”
Biljana and Goran Krstonošić, Bečej
“I couldn’t be happier with the results of orthodontic treatment with Damon braces. My children, (both my son and my daughter wore traditional fixed braces) are thrilled. I cannot praise expert team excellence and their professionalism enough!”
Aleksandra, Novi Sad
More details about VectorTas implants


Provides even better orthodontic results and
reduce treatment time with use of VectorTas mini implants

More details about VectorTas implants


What makes the Damon system different:

  • up to 7 months’ faster treatment time

  • significantly fewer appointments

  • significantly higher quality results

  • successful therapy without tooth extraction

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